Month: October 2018

Exploring Reedville

Exploring Reedville

Visited the Reedville Fisherman’s Museum yesterday afternoon. Learned about the menhaden fishery and industry. According to the museum, Reedville is the second largest port for the landing of commercial fish; Kodiak Alaska is first. Is well worth the visit.

Ate dinner at The Crazy Crab last evening. Because we are in the off-season, it is only open Friday evening, then Saturday and Sunday from noon until 8. The crabmeat stuffed portobello hit the spot almost as much as the rum and coke. Several diners sat outside under the canopy with propane heaters.

Explored Belhaven from one end to the other – few blocks today. Found two more eateries. Chitterchats Ice Cream Parlor which was closed for the season, and Tommy’s Steak and Seafood which opened on a schedule similar to The Crazy Crab.

A few homes were decorated for Halloween. Air-inflated monsters of several varieties infested one haunted house.

At the far end of main street, an old gas station had been converted to a tire shop.

Also no noise, wakes, or sky pollution. Clearest night skies that I’ve seen since the prairie.

Short motor and yet another freaking tow

Short motor and yet another freaking tow

Motored out of Mill Creek looking forward to a great sail towards Hampton when the motor acted up again.  A few harrowing seconds of a runaway engine and a lot of white smoke before I shut it down.

Justin from Reedville TowboatUS towed Ferrity to The Crazy Crab dock in Reedville.

The restaurant opens at noon and when the owner – Charles – arrived, I asked about local mechanics. He gave me a couple of contacts. Despite it being Sunday afternoon, I was able to talk with Lynn at Ampro Shipyard  at in Weems, VA. Lynn would have their mechanic – Jim – contact me Monday.

The Crazy Crab Reedville, VA
Hunkered down in Mill Creek

Hunkered down in Mill Creek

Even tucked here in Mill Creek, the wind gusted to 30 knots overnight. A little better today but I stayed as did 4 of the 5 sailboats nearby. One catamaran left and per AIS made it to Mobjack Bay.

Tomorrow looks like a go with west then southwest winds. We’ll see. At any rate, I’ve worked out three routes depending on reality vs. forecast. I’m using Navionics dock-to-dock autorouting for planning purposes. In real time, I always eyeball the chart.

Short hop is to Deltaville, with the two longer routes to points across York River. Screenshot from my Samsung Tab A 10.1″ tablet which is mirroring my B&G Zeus2 MFD. (see Tablet mirroring for further explanation.)

Route Planning on tablet
Anchored Mill Creek (Reedville, VA)

Anchored Mill Creek (Reedville, VA)

Just hunkered down in Mill Creek (below Reedville, VA). Great sailing for several hours today, but the fading wind, arriving rain, and forecast suggested finding a safe harbor for the next 36-48 hours.

For those who wish to follow vicariously but not nefariously, this link “should” launch a map. The track displays when I remember to activate/charge my Garmin inReach. IF it works! (Garmin, FB, legacy DeLorme amalgamation.)

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