Best sailing Vlogs

YouTube, the outlet for anyone with a video camera, hosts a slew of sailing videos.

Popular ones are created by 30-somethings frequently on a $500k+ catamaran (no, not dot com millionaires), professionally edited, sailing to exotic Pacific islands, occasionally in the Caribbean, supported by Patreon or sponsors.

The redeeming value of these videos is the “bikini babe” who attracts the attention of …

I follow two channels. Nike of White Spot Pirates is about a young German woman who bought “Karl” a few years ago in Panama. Karl is an aluminum sailboat that was rife with mold, vines, rust … when she bought it. She has brought Karl back to life. Yes, she wears a halter top but Nike is as likely to be covered in grease as she is to be sitting under a palm, hiking up a mountain, or sailing. Her videos are professionally edited but show foibles, frustrations, and all.

Untie the Lines

The other channel is Barry of Adventures of an old Seadog. Barry left England about two years ago singlehanded. He posts weekly videos of his experiences and frustrations as he has sailed around the Caribbean.

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Adventures of an Old Seadog

Both Barry and Nike are on the Pacific side of Panama and headed for the Marquesas.