The skipper

Sailing Experience:

I began sailing while at the US Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. Within a few months I was teaching sailing on small keelboats. Honestly, I don’t know why this Oklahoma farm boy decided to take up sailing.

After Monterey, I was stationed in Reston, VA and sailed a fellow officer’s boat out of Bolling AFB on the Potomac.

While assigned to the USS Midway (CV-41), homeported in Yokosuka Japan, I purchased an O’Day 17 Daysailer from a crewmate and sailed a bit on Tokyo Bay. On at least one occasion I sailed a Sunfish while on liberty in Subic Bay, P.I.

A few years later after jobs, marriage, divorce, relationships, etc. I landed in an apartment in Laurel, MD. Knowing myself or at least pretending I knew that the only way I would sail regularly was if I bought a boat and lived aboard.

I moved aboard s/v Sun Po (1975 Pearson 35) on January 15, 1987 and have lived aboard ever since except for a 3-year attempt at living ashore.

Since 1987, I have sailed extensively on Chesapeake Bay, San Francisco Bay, and across the Hawaiian Islands.

One offshore experience was a 29 day crossing from Chesapeake Bay to Horta, Azores encountering two gales where I wore foul weather gear for 5 days straight. I was one of three on the Tayana 37 Revefaes.

In 2001, I single-handed s/v Sun Po from San Francisco to Hilo, HI on a 19 day passage.

Beyond that, I have captained bareboat charters in B.V.I. and crewed on a few East coastal deliveries.


Raised on an Oklahoma farm/ranch.

Degrees in physics/math, computer science (before IT was invented), and electrical engineering

Couple of marriages, couple of great children, many relationships and girlfriends.

Hedonist, atheist, naturist.

Minimalist before it became trendy.

Sailing, kayaking, reading, writing, walking, wondering wanderer.

Yes, this is an old photo from my solo sail to Hawaii in 2001.  I am photo-phobic – my daughter and mother are able to capture one photo every two or three years.

I am neither obese nor a jock but fit enough to single-hand 41′ cutter without electric winches, have two eyebrows, full set of teeth, and view the world from around 6′ with something less than a full head of hair.

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