Barnacle Barrier… ha ha

Elaborating on engine failure. It ran out of fuel (yeah ha ha). I knew this immediately but what I didn’t know was why it slurped 14 gallons in 8 hours running at normal RPM when I should have reached port with 6-8 gallons in reserve.

Boatyard suggested fouled prop, hard to believe because 3 months ago Herrington Harbor North did a complete bottom job including $30/can Pettit “Prop Coat Barnacle Barrier” (possibly laced with barnacle food/aphrodisiac). Divers not allowed here so a short haul.

Result: bottom had some minor soft growth in spots. Prop photos after 3 months!!!

Next time I’ll save $30, douse the prop with a big batch of homebrew urine and launch Ferrity.

Prop paint attracts barnacles