Month: February 2019

New chainplates

New chainplates

New chainplates ready to install. Three types are required for Ferrity’s six shrouds. I removed three old ones and sent to Garhauer Marine so that they could manufacture duplicates. (In the photo, the “smudge” across chainplates is reflection of boom canvas. Less shiny ones are the samples.)

The old ones, including fasteners looked fine albeit 30 years old. But after the work involved in removing, I opted to replace. Highly recommend Garhauer, easy to work with and quick turnaround. BTW, all of my blocks are by Garhauer.

For non-sailors, the chainplates bolt to the hull. A stainless steel cable then runs from the top of the chainplate to various points on the mast. Most important goal for a sailboat is to keep the mast vertical and preferably pointing skyward.⛵️⛵️

New chainplates
In the hammock tonight

In the hammock tonight

Sleeping in the hammock tonight, aka Travelift slings for my non-sailor friends.

Ferrity was hauled again today because of a 1/4 inch below waterline “leak.” (Sarcasm)

While installing the new 50 gallon diesel tank tie-downs, Gary punched a hole through the hull while installing the aft brace. I was aboard when this occurred and could have made the same mistake.

Stuff happens.

Yard is fixing it and Ferrity will soon float again.

s/v Ferrity in the slings.
In the slings again.
Fuel tank installed and secured.
New fuel tank installed and tied down.
Engine swing and wheel

Engine swing and wheel

Wednesday’s Progress:

✔️ Running gear installed: new 17 x 12 wheel (for non-boaters, the prop), shaft, zinc, and drive-saver
✔️ new stuffing box for above with Teflon packing
✔️ Engine loaded and locked in place
✔️ Raw water connected
✔️ Control panel and harness installed

✔️ Ferrity launched and back where she belongs – in the water

Experience with boat yards precludes sea trial prediction.😂

Swinging Beta Marine 43 from Travelift to s/v Ferrity.

New 17 x 12 prop and zinc.
New 17 x 12 prop and zinc.
Steering quadrant and engine bed

Steering quadrant and engine bed


✔️ Quadrant cleaned, painted, re-installed
✔️ New Edson steering chain and cables installed
✔️ Rudder stuffing box re-built

✔️ Engine bed plates installed – ready for engine final mount

Cleaned, painted, re-installed steering quadrant with new pedestal chain/cable.
Cleaned, painted, re-installed steering quadrant with new pedestal chain/cable.
Rudder stuffing box rebuilt.
Engine bed mounting plates.
Engine bed mounting plates affixed.
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