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Crazy Joe’s opens

Crazy Joe’s opens

Since my November arrival in Oriental, I have met three Annapolitan sailors. S/V Nepenthe and s/v Polaris sailed here specifically for yard work.

Joe, the third sailor, anchored in the harbor and bought the marine consignment store. The store had been open intermittently over the previous several months. The seller suggested that success required someone familiar with the internet of which he was not.

It is packed bulkhead to bulkhead with nautical treasures and several dozen sails.

Crazy Joe's marine consignment store.
Crazy Joe’s Marine Surplus
Dragons of Oriental, NC

Dragons of Oriental, NC

According to lore, legend (and my guess alcohol), an Oriental resident associated the town name with the Orient, i.e Chinese New Year and dragons. (No offense to the PC snowflakes rife amongst us.)

Looking forward to next week’s New Year’s Eve running (wandering) of the dragon. Meanwhile, I’ve spotted several around town – all protected by the secret DPS (Dragon Protection Society).

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